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Baby Photography session


It was an honour to work with a local Mom with her 2-3 month old son Owen, in South River, Ontario, my hometown. It was my first attempt at baby photography. I had some great ideas for some sleeping poses and had a bunch of props. However, little Owen did not like the cold and didn't want to be bare to do the shots. I have learned you need lots of patience with babies. We did the session in 3 different dates as we didn't want to wear the little guy out or not like getting his photo taken. Sometimes you have to improvise, and that's exactly what we did. His Mom was such a great help and we didn't want to make him too upset. My business motto is about pleasing your customers and making sure they are happy in every way. Which starts with how you treat them. I always treat my client's with dignity and respect.

After going a few times, baby Owen knew my voice and we worked quickly as possible to get quite a few photos that Mom was happy with. Below are a few photos from his session back in the summer of 2018. What an amazing experience it was for me. I learned so much and look forward to learning more as my journey continues.

Baby Owen in the basket

Little feet little details

Little hand

Bare bum

Proud Mom and baby

Close up beautiful eyes

A Mother's love

Future baseball champ?

Future Firefighter?

Future Construction worker?

Mom with newest edition Baby Owen in my studio

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